Sunday, August 2, 2009

Acchamundu Achhamundu Movie Review

Achamundu Achamundu directed by Arun vaidyanathan stars prassana and sneha. The music for this film is composed by kathik raja. This film is about the dark events that take place in various parts of the world which are hard to digest but at the same time cannot be dismissed off. Although the theme of child abuse is a serious issue and has the potency to take on a different shade with even the slightest skew, Arun Vaidhyanathan has done a tightrope walking commendably with absolutely no shades of vulgarity or impropriety.

Although itr is a slow moving film in certain aspects, it nevertheless travels in a linear fashion without even the slightest detour. The lady lead sneha has sure enjoyed her role every inch and essayed it with a flourish. Prasanna and Sneha have lived like a married couple very much in love and their romance is a thing of beauty. Prasanna’s courage in choosing such meaningful films should be applauded. John Shea’s performance as the painter is natural and brings a chill down our spine.

Overall i feel that this film is doing good and these films are really necessary for tamil film industry. Anyways let us wish this film a grand success.

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