Friday, July 3, 2009

Kandasamy on Aug 15???

Kandasamy, starred by actor vikram, is one of the most awaited films in the kollywood this year. Vikram fans are totally looking forward to this fantastic film by their hero. The release date of the super hero movie gets postponed again. The director said to the media that there are lot of CG works to be done , which is actually delaying the process. The movie has come out well and the process is in the final phase. The film is all set to be released by next month.

The movie would be surely released for Independence day (Aug 15th) The movie's songs have create huge hypes in the hearts of Tamil fans about this movie. And none has any idea about the number of get up the hero has sworn in this movie. The kollywood fans and especially vikram fans would really enjoy this film to the core. Let us wish kandasamy and his team a grand success!

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