Monday, July 6, 2009

Shruti Hasan in Bollywood???

Hi Friends... this is really a very interesting and unexpected news. I just want to share with you all. It seems that Shruti Haasan, the lovely daughter of the great indian actor kamal hasan, is on her way to bollywood as a heroine within a month’s time from now through ‘Luck’. The 23-year old multi-faceted girl has amazing talents like dancing, singing and composing to match her stunning looks. Her first Bollywood hero incidentally happens to be her childhood buddy who considers her as a ‘little sister’, giggles Shruti.

Shruti feels quite shy to act in front of the camera when her father is around. She concedes that she won’t mind donning bikini if the sequence demands but says that her father shouldn’t be part of the film where she exposes. Only an hourglass figure is the pre-requirement to don a bikini, she feels. Shruti is also busy composing music for her father’s film ‘Unnai Pol Oruvan”, a remake of the Bollywood movie ‘A Wednesday’.

Let us wish her the very all best for her future!

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